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              Business Contact: 0571-85059669
              中文版   |   English
              Officers of Ningbo Human Resources and Social Security office visited FESCO Adecco Zhejiang Ningbo branch
              FESCO Adecco Zhejiang was granted a pennant by Hangzhou Metro
              FESCO Adecco Zhejiang participated in China(Zhejiang) Human Resource Services Expo 2016
              Outward bound training of year 2016 was held at West Lake
              HR Club"From enterprise strategy to talent strategy" was held
              FESCO Adecco zhejiang newly added a new office in Jinhua
              National Service
              FESCO has formed a service network reaching out to 300 cities in 31 provincial regions. We have 28 investment companies, 150 branches and more than 100 HR partners in china and international networks in more than 60 countries for use...

              Copyright 2010. FESCO Adecco TEL:0571-85059669

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